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I'd like to sell Hearing Aid TWS Earphone

Classification: Hoorapparaten


3 augustus 2021

Looking importer, wholesaler, retailer & distributor

verkoop via dropshipping

Classification: Speelgoed en spelletjes , plastic


29 juli 2021

Wij zijn op zoek naar leveranciers in speelgoed , huishoudelijk en seizoensproducten


Classification: Producten voor voetverzorging, handverzorging en nagelverzorging


18 juli 2021

Products for sell on my webshop. All kind of nail products.

Motorcycle cover

Classification: Algemene handelaars


14 juli 2021

Hello, I am Adheesh Raghoe from the Netherlands. I am the co-owner of the company SASupply and we are active in the e-commerce industry. We try to offer our customers the best products and experience. When we work together with companies, we want to build a long term relationship that is fruitful for everyone. We are looking for a manufacturer or supplier for motorcycle covers. The motorcycle cover needs to be durable. It has to have a lock hole opening and it would be nice if the cover has a buckle strap. This will prevent the cover from blowing away by the wind. I hope to hear soon and looking forward to the quotations!


Classification: Bieren


16 juni 2021


Artist Canvas Stretcher bars

Classification: Gezaagd hout


8 juni 2021

I am reaching out to you to inquire about your services and pricing. My company sells Stretched Canvas for Artists. Thus far we sourced the assembled and packaged product from China. Due to the current shortage of Shipping Containers, and the high prices for sea freight because of this, I decided to assemble the product myself in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Conclusively I am looking for a reliable supplier, who can provide me with high-quality pre-cut stretcher bars and support bars. The stretcher/support bars should ideally be made from kiln-dried spruce wood without the use of finger joints. Furthermore, the wood has to be extremely resistant to skewing and warping. And should have as few branch holes as possible. I’d be interested in purchasing approximately 3000m of Stretcher bars (5600 pieces of various lengths) and 2000m of support bars (also 5600 pieces of various lengths) in my first order.

dog wear: collars, leashes.

Classification: Riemen en banden , textiel


25 mei 2021

I am looking for a producer who can make a product for me. I would like to design dog collars, harnesses and leashes and sell them under my own brand name. I would like to know what is possible, how much time this will take and what the costs are


Classification: Tassen en zakken uit kunststof


11 mei 2021

We are looking for a supplier that can make a combination of a plasticbag and a plastic glove

Tank Storage Companies

Classification: Opslagfaciliteiten voor vloeistoffen


10 mei 2021

We are looking for reliable and credible Petroleum Products Storage tank Companies

Michael McIvor

Classification: Technische en professionele scholen, hogescholen en instituten

Verenigd Koninkrijk

14 september 2021

I am looking for a quote for the following chemical supplies please: Hydrochloric acid 1.0M 2.5L Sulfuric acid 1.0M AR 1L Sodium hydroxide 1.0M 1L Sodium hydroxide 0.1M 2.5L Phenolphthalein solution Starch (soluble) 500g Sodium hydrogen carbonate AR 500g Agar powder 100g EDTA - disodium salt 250g Ninhydrin (Indanetrione) 5g Sodium carbonate - 10 - water 500g

Require Deutz Engine Spare Parts

Classification: Aannemers voor mijnprospectie en mijnextractie


14 september 2021

Dear Sir, Kindly provide the quotation for Piston,Piston rings,Piston Liner,Head Gasket and Valves for the below mentioned engine serial number. Engine Model: BF4M1013C Serial No. 00591918

Looking for international manufacturers for new product designed in UK to grow plants indoors

Classification: Meubels voor fabrieken en ateliers

Verenigd Koninkrijk

14 september 2021

Hello, We are a company based in the UK and we have designed a new product to grow vegetables and cooking herbs indoors. We have already built a basic prototype to test product functionality and to do some market research. We are now ready to move on to the next phase of the product. The system, made from plywood and stain steel, includes electricity; and a water tank and pump. We are currently looking for manufacturers internationally to quote for the following: Manufacturing Prototype (x3) Initial production of 50 units (to be sold initially to the UK market). We would like to identify three potential manufacturers to discuss this project with. They will have to sign an NDA before we can share further information with them. Please get in contact by email or telephone if you think you could help. Thanks

Purchase of MONDONIC (NUMBERING Box Barrel)

Classification: Apparatuur voor offsetpersen

Verenigd Koninkrijk

14 september 2021

Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking to import 100 units Numbering Box Barrel of Brand: Mondonico VIA Matteotti for use with Sakuria Offset Machine. Look forward to receiving quotation for import as soon as possible. We remain with Best regards, Grameen Trading House

Devis Ms Office 2020

Classification: Overheidsadministratie


14 september 2021

Bonjour, Nous vous demandons de bien vouloir faire un devis, au profit de la CAAT, pour l'acquisition de Microsoft Office 2020 - 200 utilisateurs. Cordialement.

Référencer mon entreprise dans Kompass Suisse

Classification: Projectmanagement


14 september 2021

Bonjour! Je cherche à savoir si mon entreprise de consultance est référencée dans Kompass Suisse. Elle est inscrite au registre de commerce du Canton de Vaud depuis janvier 2016 sous le no IDE\UID CHE-404.288.210 Son adresse: Chemin du Crêt de Pionnex 1 à 1817 Brent. Merci d'avance pour votre rapide retour! Meilleures salutations, Dominique Taeymans

Customer Reference Analyst

Classification: Standaardschoeisel, schoenen


14 september 2021

Hi, I'm trying to look for sustainable suppliers and manufacturers. Particularly for polybags and polybag alternatives. But also for customizable stickers that are sustainable.

Dr F W Lukey, purchasing consultant

Classification: Planten en vaten voor de chemische industrie

Verenigd Koninkrijk

13 september 2021

I am seeking a reconditioned bottling or filling plant capable of filling rates of 1500 - 2000 units/hr of plastic bottles of 200 to 700ml capacity. The unit will have to be shipped to Ghana, W Africa. The bottles are being produced locally in Ghana as are the screw caps. The product is a pharmaceutical liquid, produced in Ghana.

Poly propelyne PP500p

Classification: Harsen, synthetische


13 september 2021

Please provide best prices for PP500P at 100-150 tons monthly?

Design Manager

Classification: Geraffineerd, speciaal en gereedschapsstaal


13 september 2021

Looking cylindrical Aluminiun Sleeve for beauty packing industry.


Classification: Modeontwerpers

Verenigde Staten

12 september 2021

Hello, I am looking for a luxury manufacturer? Thanks
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